Golden Nugget Casino

When the legendary Golden Nugget came to us to help them introduce online gambling, we gave them a little bit of insight. Isn’t there a little gambler in all of us?

Contemporary Craft Show

So, the most prestigious juried craft show in the country came to us with a problem: To so many, “craft” meant glue guns on macrame. So we rebranded them, added “contemporary” to their name and let folks know the art was made by the hands of real craft artisans. The result? We broke records for … Continued

A Letter to Santa

A few years back Santa got a laptop for his birthday. So we found a better way for kids to write to him with their X-mas gift list (and get it leaked to family and friends in the process.) There’s a Santa right? There is at Machinery.

University Medical Center of Princeton

Moving a beloved neighborhood hospital to a new location (a mere 3-miles away) takes a team of architects, designers and construction workers. It also takes a smart team of advertising folk, too. We helped launch the new University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro — getting our hands dirty (literally) as the building went up … Continued


So we met this guy in a bar and he said, “I want to start a kiosk in the mall that sells Liege Belgian waffles topped with fresh fruit and then smothered in melted Belgian gourmet chocolate.” Then we said, “Yeah, man … we could help you with that.”

Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews is an iconic Philadelphia candy that has been made in Philly since 1917. About 9 years ago they had a bit of an identity crisis which cost them 30% of their local sales. In 2012, we stepped in and convinced the 95-year-old brand to embrace their Philly history if they wanted to … Continued

Metro Cable Co-Op

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it. That’s the tricky (and exciting) part about working with this cable co-op. The technology and price is similar to their competitors, but we can show our competitive advantage in other ways than side-by-side comparisons. Best quote from a client “We love how you say … Continued


We’re on speed dial with our region’s largest and most far-reaching client. When they need quick turnaround or a tough problem solved, we get the call. We’re very flattered. Our first job for them – to brand their online bill payment service – was trademarked. We called it Ecobill. They called it deceptively smart. Check the envelope of … Continued

Tony Roni’s

Our first client. When we met with Tony he had no name, no look and we were standing in an empty shell on City Line Avenue. You could smell the possibilities (and the sheetrock.) So we went to work designing the look, the feel, the space, the menu, the posters, the cups, the … Now … Continued

Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation

When we met with this small rehab hospital in South Jersey, they said, “We’re the most awarded rehab hospital in South Jersey, but nobody knows.”  Us: “Well, let’s say it.”  Them: “Yes, please.” We then re-branded them top to bottom. And reminded them that rehab is more than Physical Therapy by doing ads for their … Continued